Franck SIMON

Software developer and trainer, I am self employed since 1994. I can take part in any type of business in France and abroad. My areas of interventions revolve around the C, C++ and Java languages, technologies related to Java EE and the Web world. I like to go out beyond our borders, either as my hobbyor or as part of missions.
My values​​: curiosity, professionalism and sharing.

Tomcat and apache httpd training
Fichier SEPA minimum
Développement Android

Fiew words about me ...

Passionate about software development, languages ​​and technologies of distributed applications, I operate most often in the universe of "open source" products.

I now manages projects for companies or administrations.
These projects can be either the billing of telephone calls, backup systems or Java EE application deployment.
I am self employed from since 1994. My main areas of intervention are:
  • development
  • tutoring in business companies
  • trainings
  • project support
My computers running with either Windows or Linux, with a preference for Debian distributions.
I always enjoy developing although I never seem to have enough time. So it is always with great pleasure that I intervene in companies in the framework of missions of assistance or projects in progress .
The discovery of new horizons is essential to me. Whatever these horizons: human, cultural or technical. I also like going outside the hexagon for a professional purpose or not.

Franck SIMON
Mobile France : +336 64 52 46 14 - Mobile Martinique : +596 696 07 32 19
SIRET : 393 826 771 00031

Updated on 03/19/2016