Franck SIMON

Software developer and trainer, I am self employed since 1994. I can take part in any type of business in France and abroad. My areas of interventions revolve around the C, C++ and Java languages, technologies related to Java EE and the Web world. I like to go out beyond our borders, either as my hobbyor or as part of missions.
My values​​: curiosity, professionalism and sharing.

Tomcat and apache httpd training
Fichier SEPA minimum
Développement Android

Trainings offered

Except in special cases, I use my own training materials, with a workshops booklet. Under most cases the downloads are already made, some courses are on a VMWare image. Students have at their disposal all the examples, the corrected workshops and the documentations available.
I can provide other trainings than those followed, and a customized training is obviously still possible.
Domains Titles Training outlines
 Java : advanced (reflection, multithreading, communications, JMX, JNI)Download
 Java : basicsDownload
 Java : persistence APIs with JDBC and JPADownload
 Java : the GUIs (Swing, JavaFX)Download
 Java : XML programmingDownload
 Testing with JUnit 4 and MockitoDownload
Java EE
 Java EE : application development (EJB 3, JPA, JSF)Download
 Java EE : EJB 3 and JPADownload
 Java EE : overviewDownload
 Java EE : web applications developmentDownload
 Java EE : web applications development with JSF 2Download
 Java EE : web servicesDownload
 Apache httpd : administrationDownload
 Apache, Tomcat and mod_jkDownload
 JBoss, Wildflly : administrationDownload
 Tomcat 8 : administrationDownload
 Spring 3 : basicsDownload
 Spring 3 advancedDownload
Web technologies
 Boost your website with JQueryDownload
 HTML 5 and CSS 3Download
 JavaScript and AjaxDownload
 PHP : basicsDownload
 PHP advancedDownload
 Agile methods : overviewDownload
 Architectural design patterns (MVC, MVP, Specification, ...)Download
 Computers and programming for beginnersDownload
 Eclipse : ownershipDownload
 Eclipse : plugins writingDownload
 POO : best practicesDownload
 POO : concepts overviewDownload
 Software development team : Maven, CVS, versionning, CMSDownload
 The GoF Design PatternsDownload
 UML 2Download
 Android : applications developmentDownload
 Android : basicsDownload
 Android advancedDownload
 Google App EngineDownload
 Google ecosystem overviewDownload
 Google Test and Google Mock (C++ language)Download
 Guava : Google Java LibraryDownload
 GWT : web applications developmentDownload
 Learn Android StudioDownload
C - C++
 C language : basicsDownload
 C language advancedDownload
 C++ languageDownload
 Qt5 : applications developmentDownload
 SQL language with MySqlDownload
 XML technologiesDownload
 Distributed architectures : overviewDownload
 Secure Coding C/C++ (1 day)Download
 Secure Coding C/C++ (3 jours)Download
 Secure coding Java (1 day)Download
 Raspberry PiDownload
 Workshop : a Windev and Webdev application developmentDownload

Franck SIMON
Mobile France : +336 64 52 46 14 - Mobile Martinique : +596 696 07 32 19
SIRET : 393 826 771 00031

Updated on 03/19/2016