Franck SIMON

Software developer and trainer, I am self employed since 1994. I can take part in any type of business in France and abroad. My areas of interventions revolve around the C, C++ and Java languages, technologies related to Java EE and the Web world. I like to go out beyond our borders, either as my hobbyor or as part of missions.
My values​​: curiosity, professionalism and sharing.

Tomcat and apache httpd training
Fichier SEPA minimum
Développement Android


The development is not limited to language, chosen or imposed. In most of the existing projects,knowledge of a language is not enough, one of the best examples is the development of a website, with its client and server languages​​, technologies, frameworks, etc..
The development of an application requires a lot of rigorousness.
Creating an application is one thing. Create an application that will need to evolve and be maintained is another.
It is therefore necessary to make choice of tools, during all phases of the project. I often use UML and prototyping in the analysis phase of the project. The choice of suitable design patterns provides a better control in the changing functionality phase:
  • control over the impact of the changes
  • control over the non-regression of code

Languages and platforms

I started with the assembly, followed by language C and Pascal:procedural languages.The discovery of objects concepts was therefore a real culture shock; which has become a real intellectual pleasure. Modeling is much easier and more natural in its use. It is surprising to note that the use of object-oriented concepts also deeply changed my way of coding when I come back to the procedural. My language of choice is Java. But it is clear that when designing distributed applications, Java is not enough. It is necessary to use the full range of languages ​​and technologies which are light on the client's side: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc..
Not using Visual Studio for a long time, I use the WinDev platform when Windows developments are proposed to me. I can see the astonished eyes of some. What! this French product, "not much noble" for development. Yes, but a GUI (graphical user interface) is developed quickly, for a finish that I could never meet with Swing. Like any development platform, we must choose the best, and structure the projects.
And then there is Android! Really fun. And tracking the main of Google's technology is very interesting and amazing. After spending a lot of time testing the development under Palm, getting familiar with Android is a breeze.
And in my spare time ( when I have some), I have fun with kits such as Arduino, Rasperry Pi or Friendly ARM, in order to set up a demotic ensemble.

Shape in order to share...

It has now been 10 years that I practice this activity and I always get a lot of satisfaction from it. The training may be provided inter or intra.
The first aim of a training is to share the knowledge, the ones that came to learn should leave with more of it and of course they would be able to work with it in their daily work, and with tracks that will be necessary to go further..
Training for adults is a constant questioning of oneself. We are facing adults, so people
  • who have their own professional experience
  • who have their critical way of thinking
  • who need to be convinced
As part of my training missions I intervened on very different interns populations:
  • jobseekers making a career change
  • students of engineering schools
  • employees making a career change
  • employees continuing education
  • learners of various different age groups
  • ...
Sharing in a training goes truly in both ways. A lot of questions have been asked of whom I had never thought of, or an exposed issue, that was completely unknown of me.
I always wanted that the trainings I took part of to be practical. Even if the broached subject is very conceptual, we must always make a connection with the ''real world''. The objects concepts, the design patterns, distributed computing, ... can seem complicated, theoretical. My role is to demonstrate that we do not make things complicated just to make them complicated. The emergence of these concepts and architectures responds to very real problems. I had the opportunity to be confronted with some of them during my career. So I can rely on my own experience, in a very practical manner, to explain why we should use patterns, or an application server, or some frameworks ....

To tutor to support...

This activity gives me the opportunity to have a privileged relationship with a learner. I generally work with one learner and help fim with his work or his current projects.The goal is to help overcome specific problems.
This type of intervention gives me the opportunity to share my experience and to go beyond just learning a new technology, a concept or a language. It is all about giving a truly personalized aid to the learner.
The objective is to guide the learner to find the solution, by a transfer of competence and experience.
During missions of this type, the following issues may arise:
  • migration of applications towards an object model
  • rewriting of an application to implement web services
  • evolution of websites
  • take Hibernate into hand on an existing project
  • addition of Ajax functionality to track on the customer's side the activity on the server side
  • ...
These interventions may be occasional or recurrent, which then allows me to impregnate the project.

Franck SIMON
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