Franck SIMON

Software developer and trainer, I am self employed since 1994. I can take part in any type of business in France and abroad. My areas of interventions revolve around the C, C++ and Java languages, technologies related to Java EE and the Web world. I like to go out beyond our borders, either as my hobbyor or as part of missions.
My values​​: curiosity, professionalism and sharing.

Tomcat and apache httpd training
Fichier SEPA minimum
Développement Android

Some references

Following is a non exhaustive list of companies for which I worked (directly or indirectly).

Company Place Mission
ACSESFranceTechnical support, VBA office automation software development
AFCEPFFranceTrainings : Java, OOP, UML, Web 2 and SOA
ALTENFranceTrainings : Java EE, Android, RIA
ATOSFranceTrainings : Java EE, Android, Squid
BACKUP SECURITEFranceDevelopment of an incremental and decentralised backup system (Java EE)
DISTELCOMFranceDevelopment and maintenance of a billing software phone calls (Java EE, Windev, PHP)
E-FORCanada (Montreal)Study on trades webmaster
ENTREPOSEAlgeria (Sahara)Commissioning of microwave intrusion detection systems
FAURECIAFranceDevelopment of a salary components consolidation (VBA)
FITECFranceTrainings : Java, Java EE, PHP, Windev, Web, C, C++, ...
Java / Java EE training design
GEOQUIPUKEmbedded computer technical support
GT'MFranceTrainings : Java, Java EE, Android, JBoss, UML, OOP, ...
INSEEFranceJava EE project coaching and mentoring
Learning TreeFranceTrainings : Java, Java EE, C, Struts, JSP, Ajax, JavaScript, Design patterns
MurexFranceTrainings : Java, C++, OOP, Design patterns, Android, UML
ObjisFranceTrainings : Java, Java EE, JBoss
Office Congolais d'InformatiqueCongo (Brazzaville)Guidance in setting production Java EE applications in JBoss (with Objis)
PythagoreFranceTrainings : Java, Java EE, Android, JBoss, UML, OOP, ...
Republic Geodetic AuthoritySerbia (Belgrade)Apache - mod_jk - Tomcat training (training in English)
SECURITASEmbedded system development in assembler (8051, 8086)
ServierServierCoaching for OOP approach
SONATRACHAlgeria (Sahara)Audits and feasibility study on intrusion detection systems on petroleum sites.
SPIE - TOTALBurmaSupervision of implementation of embedded system
SUPELECFranceTomcat administration training
TranstelFranceSoftware development of a remote monitoring simulator (C + +)
Application maintenance for the SEPA credit transfers implementation

Franck SIMON
Mobile France : +336 64 52 46 14 - Mobile Martinique : +596 696 07 32 19
SIRET : 393 826 771 00031

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